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The stuff Robert teaches is amazing!

I was able to completely change my life for the better after taking his courses and even helping out some of my friends as well.

If you feel like you’re not getting the results in life that you want: Learn from him!

He will teach you the tools to reconfigure your mind in such a way that the results just start coming to you!

In my case – I was stuck being unable to find a romantic partner and within a year of taking the course I used the tools I learned here to meet the woman that is now my wife!

Later I was able to use the tools to find a job where I’m able to work from home.

This stuff is just priceless!

Sergey S., San Marcos, CA

Thank you for sharing the wisdom


Thank you for sharing the wisdom and for breaking down the tools to be an observer of my behavior and my emotions, to identify the triggers that mold my personality, and to access the part of my subconscious to literally re-wire my software and attain the life I deserve, to truly live in Joy and Peace with myself and with my environment.

A huge shift in my life, in my role as a Mother, as a Professional, as a Woman … all-encompassing the Karina that I’m, a genuine soul connected to my Higher Self to evolve and spread the Consciousness and the Light that moves us all.

Thank you!

Karina G., San Diego, CA

Robert is an awesome teacher and coach!

Robert is an awesome teacher and coach!

I highly recommend his courses and coaching to anyone who seeks to improve their path in life.

Sharon A., San Diego, CA

Life changing!

I took the seminars with Advanced Mind Institute and I can honestly say it has been one of the best investments into myself that I could have made.

I learned the fundamentals and the mastery concepts of how the mind works, how to reframe limiting beliefs and how to remove past traumas.

The whole concept of the unconscious world as a whole is very fascinating and it really does work!

At Advance Mind Institute I found the structure of the seminar to be very comforting, informative and efficient.

I Loved what I learned and I still apply it everyday in my life.

Chidi O, San Diego CA

Robert is a phenomenal teacher!

Robert is a phenomenal teacher and dear friend of several years now.

He is truly gifted , skilled, knowledgeable and everything you can imagine regarding NLP/ Hypnosis/ Quantum Hypnosis/ Etc.

My life’s journey has been impacted greatly simply by knowing him and greatly because of taking his Mastery courses.

Thank you Robert for your patience and dedication.

Perla P. Temecula, CA

Robert Szentes and the Advanced Mind Institute provide exceptional value!

Robert Szentes and the Advanced Mind Institute provide exceptional value through improved health emotionally, physically and financially.

He provides anyone that is ready to take their lives to the next level, the information and guidance they need to be successful.

Thanks to his coaching, I have been fortunate enough to change my life for the better, eliminate pain, improve my health and successfully navigate the most challenging circumstances in my short time on this earth.

I am forever grateful to his lessons and advice and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to make a significant improvement to their own situation.

Gabor F, San Marcos, CA

The Advanced Mind Institute and Robert Szentes have empowered me to change my life!

The Advanced Mind Institute and Robert Szentes have empowered me to change my life, and put me on the road to my best self.

Since taking his full NL Mastery Course, I've lost 40lbs of unwanted weight, started building my own business, and am on the track to financial independence.

My whole mindset is permanently changed for the better, and my life is only going up from here!

Thank you Robert Szentes!

Ile R. San Diego, CA

I learned a lot about myself and about the workings of my subconscious mind!

I learned a lot about myself and about the workings of my subconscious mind by taking one of Robert’s seminars.

I actually resolved a ton of unaddressed issues by using the techniques that I learned here. I’m more confident, loving, and forgiving now that I have the tools that I need.

I overcame my fear of public speaking in my breakthrough session and am now helping others to heal their own limiting beliefs by using what I have learned here.

Robert is approachable, personable and always follows through when I have questions or concerns.

Rozsa H. San Marcos, CA

Thank you!

Robert is very intelligent, intuitive, and absolutely brilliant.

Stephano R. San Diego, CA

Fantastic seminars!!

Mind opening knowledges shared by an amazing teacher and coach Robert, who is not only very knowledgeable, congruent, professional, experienced, but also highly intuitive, approachable, and one in a million!

A master of the mind! Anyone who is ready to improve in any or all areas of life can tremendously benefit from the tools and techniques that he teaches at his workshops.

Judit F. Lake Elsinor, CA

I used to dread Valentine's Day more than going to the dentist

Valentine’s Day...the Hallmark holiday I used to dread more than going to the dentist.

This year was the first time since my healed self has told a man I loved him.

And it wasn’t just that I meant I loved HIM. When I said I felt this amazing white light fill me from the hairs on my head down to my toes.

This unconditional love non-judgmental love. The kind they tell you about in church, the powerful love of God. But you hear it and believe it but haven’t yet experienced it? Kinda love.

When I said it I whole heartily meant it. That I loved him, me and us with no conditions with no judgement.

I’ve had this wall built for years. I plastered it, built a moat around it and added barbed wire for extra protection. This wall was finally removed from healing myself with the techniques I learned from Robert.

Robert, my future thanks you!!!!

Michelle V. San Diego, CA

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