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Mastering Your Mind

A step by step guide to conquering your fears and negative emotions so you can finally create peace and prosperity in your life

by Robert Szentes

This book shares the Secret Formula for a Happy and Successful Life. You will learn about the subconscious steps you MUST take if you want sustainable wellbeing and success.

I created a course on Udemy where I explain how to use this book and how to transform your life fast.


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There are several fundamental principles that apply to everyone who is alive and human in this world. In certain areas of your life you may unconsciously follow these principles and then things work out for you and you see good results.

But in other areas, you might have cut yourself off from the flow of life because you have non-beneficial or conflicting subconscious beliefs, (i.e. a big one for the majority of people is money and business!)

This shows up in the form of not enough money or even business sabotage. So many people start a business, but they either burn out or never succeed due to their unhandled subconscious beliefs and conflicts.

After repeated failures, a downward spiral starts. People begin to justify why things happened and begin to hide from life and play small out of fear. And because most people cannot get out of this destructive pattern and cycles by themselves, they never succeed.  

Another common area of struggle is RELATIONSHIPS. On one hand, we really want and need relationships. On the other hand, we are not taught what relationships are really about, what their true purpose is and how to handle the conflicts that arise.

Without knowing how to handle the triggers and understanding ourselves and our partner, we cannot be truly satisfied and thrive in a relationship.

That is why so many people self-sabotage and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, getting more frustrated each time. Different person, different face, different place, but essentially the same story! 

Health is another huge challenge for many people! Less than perfect health is just a symptom of practiced non-supporting subconscious beliefs and conflicts, and most people are not aware or trained to uncover the complex logic of the mind.  

So, to sum it up:

The symptoms of a conflicted mindset are money issues, relationship challenges, diseases, injuries, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and the list goes on. 

But, when you have a well-structured subconscious mind and clarity, it will create a healthy body and can even heal damages from the past.

ALL of these problems are like damaged electrical circuits. If a fuse or a circuit breaker blows in your electrical box, you will not have electricity in a certain part of your house. But other rooms and areas will still work fine.

When this happens the simple and logical thing would be to find the problem, fix it and turn the circuit back on. But what most people do is to use extension cords and with that overload the next circuit, which often creates more problems, even fire hazards.  

People handle their subconscious problems in the same manner. Since they don’t know what is really happening, they don’t fix the real problems, they only mask them, they cover them up, they look the other way, they try to think positively, but this "positive" thinking comes from a negative motivation which then can only manifest in a negative way. 

This is why people who don't understand the hidden subconscious logic of the mind get frustrated with the Law of Attraction and then proclaim, "It doesn't work! 

Well, it does work, but when your mindset is wrong you can do all the right things and still get all the wrong results! 

For example, instead of fixing the real subconscious money problems, most people go about it the wrong way, they think they need to work harder or even get another job or get a better degree. 

This compensation method is exhausting and usually leads to burnout in the long run. And in reality, it is simply a broken circuit that causes the flow problem. And then they wonder why the results they get are not what they want!!!

So then, if you don’t address the root causes of the money problems in your subconscious, the next problem will show up in your relationship, and then your health suffers eventually as well.

And of course, it is also true the other way around. When you fix your subconscious programs, when you find the correct answers and the correct solutions in your subconscious mind, your circumstances and your results will improve almost immediately. That's what people call a miracle!!!

So, how can we repair these broken circuits?

The first thing to repairing these broken circuits is the awareness that we are creating these circumstances but we also have the ability to fix them.

It takes exceptional knowledge and mentorship to repair these patterns and broken circuits once and for all. This is what we help you with. Once you have the proper guidance, you can get to your goals and success so much faster than you think.

Becoming aware of your subconscious world and knowing exactly what and how to shift it, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can ever do for yourself and invest into!

Yet, most people skip this step entirely and wait until it’s too late and their life is a total mess and out of control.

We know how to guide you to the right thing and right answer right away, so you don’t waste a ton of money and decades of your life and still not find the answers. 

For everyone of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out! - Oprah Winfrey

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(translated from German) 

Dear Ulrike, Dear Rob,  

During a time of illness (invasive breast cancer) you guys helped me find my way to healing. All of the therapy / coaching appointments 

I had with you were absolutely amzing for me and filled me with healing power.  

I am now able to heal myself going forward, and I also feel your motivating energy and care, and I feel that you guys are there for me. I thank you for that!  

You guys have the power to make miracles come true. 

Thank you!!!  

Dr. Mechthild Echterhoff, Germany

Before I met Robert, I was a struggling entrepreneur who had desires to be the best and the most successful version of myself. Many of my desires were unfulfilled, including a successful business and a good relationship.  

I always saw a huge vision for my career, for my relationship and for my higher purpose, but I didn't know how to get there. I also was not aware why I spent years on working hard, but not making much progress and I was not getting the results I wanted. This caused a lot of worries and anxiety, but I was able to cover them up, so I thought. I realized I needed immense clarity and serious coaching!  

After starting Robert’s course, I discovered several root causes of my challenges and problems, all of which I was completely unaware of. I had no idea how complex the human mind was and how the different areas of our life (business, health, relationship) intertwine and affect each other.  

Since I completed Robert’s courses, I've been able to grow into a loving relationship with my girlfriend of almost 4 years. I also made serious growth in my sales career, and established a new level of happiness beyond my imagination.  

I have stepped into my personal power and I am able to use my God-given abilities to liberate my body and soul from limiting energies, strategies, and emotions, and I am now able to live out a life of my desires.  

Thank you, Robert!  

Cristian S., Escondido, CA

(translated from German) All my life I have struggled with intense irrational fears and doubts. All of my romantic relationships including my marriage ended in failure. I desperately searched for love and acceptance. After starting my own business I found myself once again in the midst of a personal crisis, another painful breakup and my business suffered tremendously. And as if this isn’t enough, my health started to decline at the same time, I suffered from Panic Attacks and was diagnosed with Heart Arrhythmia and a painful cyst in my uterus that was growing rapidly. I didn’t know how to survive and live anymore. My daughter and I were relying on the money coming in from my business, I had serious survival fears. At this time a friend referred me to Robert, after speaking with him I didn’t hesitate, I signed up for his personal coaching services as well as the interactive Anxiety course. I am forever grateful that I had the courage to take this step because for the first time in my life I experience absolute certainty about my direction in life and I have the clarity that a lot of the spiritual teachers talk about, I feel amazing. My last test at the cardiologist came out clean, no more reason for concern and my cyst disappeared as well. And these are just the side effects of this valuable work. I am now in a healthy, and my whole perception about life has shifted to one of possibility, success and happiness. And all that in just 3 months!!! I am now solution oriented instead of panicky. In short life is working out now and my business is thriving like never before. Thank you Robert and Uli from the bottom of my heart for bringing your knowledge and passion to the world and into my life! I am now able to set the example for my daughter that I can be proud of! Susanne F., Germany  

Here is your opportunity to consult with us for FREE. Apply for a 45-minute Blueprint Session.

Go really deep within yourself and fill out the form. We will contact you by phone.

On this session we will explore where you are today and how we can help you get on the right path to success!


Using the very principles they teach, Robert and Uli each went from “broken” to absolute vitality, happy and abundant in only 1 ½ years. They combine their unique, yet very practical teachings with heartfelt compassion!

During their years of struggle, they vowed that when they solve their own challenges, they would help others do the same. They have kept their promise. 

Their no-nonsense attitude cuts through all the superficial stuff, straight to the root of the problems. They believe in motivating people to take action and to rather take one step forward than standing still, which standstill already stole millions of dreams. 

Robert Szentes is the Author of the bestselling book

Mastering Your Mind”. 

He has also developed several highly-acclaimed transformational programs such as:

The Expert Coach Training Program

"Quantum Core Transformation Programs" (Prerequisite is the Expert Coach Program. These Quantum programs are a must for evolved entrepreneurship, and the next generation of leadership and coaches.)

Robert is currently designing an absolute leading-edge business breakthrough program called:

The Limitless Achiever Mindset Formula”. 

Robert Szentes grew up in Hungary and immigrated to the United States at the age of 21. Shortly after he settled, he began to work full-time and building his own business at the same time. 

He built a successful business, it was only on a small scale and he quickly realized that when not scaled properly, it can lead to burnout. 

A few years later, he went back to school and completed an Electrical Engineering Degree with honors. He began to work in the corporate world as an engineer and he also learned leading-edge industrial software development as well as electrical circuit design.

He used his strong technical skills to design circuits that worked and lasted reliably, and he was also able to troubleshoot circuits and problems and get to the root of issues in a very quick and unique manner, no matter how complex the issues were.

Robert also had very good communication and people skills, and he created trust and strong business relationships that allowed continued success to happen. 

Unfortunately, at the age of 42, Robert found himself collapsed on the floor as a result of a stroke and this significant event changed his life forever. He was no longer able to think clearly, he was not able to put in the long hours his job required, he was not able to move freely and take care of himself, so his life ended as he knew it. 

Even though he lived a very healthy lifestyle and did all the “right things” he was taught, he still burned out and ended up in a situation he never anticipated.

At this time, a friend suggested to find someone who is an expert of the subconscious mind and Robert quickly found out that all of his past pain, his relationship troubles, his emotional ups and downs, including his stroke and the burnout were caused by the unhandled “baggage” in his subconscious mind.

This infuriated him, since prior to his stroke, he went to therapy and treatments for 30 years due to inexplicable panic and anxiety attacks, physical pain, but nobody, even high-profile doctors and therapists could not help him.

Robert began his healing journey and he started to recover faster than any doctor would have ever imagined. This recovery was due to the new approach, to focus on the subconscious programs he never knew anything about.

He was so intrigued by this phenomenon that he wanted to learn for himself, to heal himself fully and be able to help other diligent, hard-working people who really want a good life, but could not achieve it because of their unhandled subconscious non-beneficial programs.

Today, Robert is enjoying perfect health, he is finally in a loving and fulfilling relationship; he has his own coaching company, teaching his secrets in the USA and in Europe and he never felt younger, happier and more fulfilled in his life. 

Uli grew up in Germany and immigrated to the United States at the age of 23. Throughout her childhood she dreamt of doing something amazing and purposeful with her life.  

Uli studied nursing after High School because she believed at the time that this could be a way to positively influence the lives of others and bring her talents and compassion. 

It didn’t take very long for her to notice that the true underlying problems that people experience are not addressed and that’s why there was no real healing. 

At this time she worked in Oncology. It was very frustrating for her to see the same people return with the same cancer even though they seemed to do fine for a while. 

So, she decided to explore the world of hypnosis and theta meditation and past life regression which later on led to finding her true calling. Later in life she experienced relationship problems and divorce, followed by a severe back injury. 

At this point she promised herself that she wants to find the real reason as to why she was experiencing these problems and where exactly she took the wrong turn. 

She also decided that she wants to help other people prevent and heal similar challenges, once she learns how to do it for herself. Right around that time Uli met Robert, a kindred spirit and from then on it was clear what their mission together was supposed to be. 

Their whole focus was on learning and researching, until they finally had their own lifechanging breakthroughs. Uli figured out that her map of reality can be changed and updated into one that allows life to flow. 

She diligently applied what she learned from many amazing masters around the world and healed herself. She has been training self-development coaches in Germany. 

Her focus has been on coaching women to overcome the obstacles that are ingrained in their DNA from the centuries of oppression and devaluation. 

She is in the process of collecting her interesting findings and experiences in order to write her own book to help women step into their true genuine power.