We all need help and guidance at one point or another!  


Our VIP High-Profile Coaching package is a deep transformational process that we have developed to help you break the unconscious patterns sabotaging your life.  

We are not kidding; they are running and ruining your life!  

We can tell you from our own experience, this is why we had failed in our relationships and why Uli had three spinal surgeries and why Rob had a stroke at the age of 42.  

We are talking about thousands of deeply hidden subconscious programs that hide in the invisible abyss, which profoundly and adversely influence your manifestation and your way of life.  

Even though, you might think many of the things you are doing are on track, there are many unconscious patterns behind your actions that could lead to burnout and get you stuck.  

We have been there, and we know how painful and scary it can be!  

That is why we have devoted the last ten years of our lives to studying and putting this knowledge together and invested well over $150,000 in our own self-development and knowledge, so that today we can help you overcome literally any challenge that you experience in life.  

We encourage you to claim these personal and professional goals you deserve, and we will help you achieve them by showing you how to grow into your full potential!  

  Let us ask you:  

• Are you experiencing a lack of clarity? • Are you starting things and never finish them? • Are you a seminar junkie but nothing seems to really help? • Are you desperately looking for purpose in your life? • Do you feel burned out and overwhelmed?
• Are you afraid to promote your business?
• Are you afraid to promote your business? • Are you afraid to sell your products for the price you know they are worth? • Do you make plans and end up not showing up because you talked yourself out of things? • Have you experienced failed relationships and heartbreaks? • And I could tell you about hundreds and hundreds more of these patterns.  

  Do yourself a favor and decide to make an end to these destructive cycles!  

We know beyond a doubt, this will be the most important decision you will make for yourself!  

There is a genius inside each and every one of us, but that genius is buried under a myriad of programs and shadows of past generations.  

These deep soul and unconscious sabotaging patterns oppose this genius and they make life an unnecessary struggle for many of us.  

While these invisible unconscious patterns are far outside of conscious awareness, they still silently create heartbreaks, disappointments, business and relationship failures, health issues and scarcity.  

Without the deep subconscious transformational change work, effortless abundance and freedom will be virtually impossible to achieve!  

With this in mind, we designed our VIP High-Profile Coaching packages to help you identify and overcome these damaging patterns and put you on the fast track to happiness and success.  

• Our VIP High-Profile Coaching is based on advanced spiritual psychology principles, many different subconscious techniques and we are also including the Laws of the Universe, which are inescapable. 

• The VIP package consists of ten one-hour virtual sessions, fully customized to your needs.

• We will conduct a thorough interview to see where you are today and where you would like to be after your breakthrough sessions.

• We will design a custom solution for you and each time we talk, you will have an undeniable transformation, getting you closer to your goals and desires.

• In between sessions, you will have email access to us where you can ask questions, and we will answer your questions on the following session as necessary.  

What we need from you:

• Coachability and Teachability. • Full participation and dedication to change. • Love and appreciation for yourself because you decided to take this life changing step.

Here is your opportunity to consult with me for FREE. Apply for a 45-minute Personal Breakthrough Session.

Go really deep within yourself and fill out the form. You will be contacted by me directly by phone or e-mail to let you know if you are accepted as a candidate.

I will be tuning into your energy field and listening to my guidance as part of the application process to see if you are a fit potentially to work with me. If you are a potential good fit, you will be accepted to meet with me to gain deep insights, wisdom and guidance for your path!!!