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My VIP Private Coaching package is a unique transformational process I have developed to help you break through the unconscious patterns sabotaging your business and your personal life.

I am not kidding; these unconscious patterns are running the show and they even have the power to ruin your life!

I can tell you from my own experience, this is why I had failed relationships, experienced regular self-sabotage in my finances and business, and why I had a stroke at the age of 42, even though I was physically fit and seemingly did all the right things.

I am talking about thousands of deep and hidden subconscious programs that are highly active in the invisible abyss, and profoundly and adversely influence your manifestation and your way of life.

Even though you might think many of the things you are doing are on track, there are many unconscious patterns behind your actions that could lead to burnout and get you stuck eventually.

I have been there, and I know how painful and confusing it can be!

That is why I have devoted the last ten years of my life to studying, researching, and putting this knowledge together. I have invested multiple 6 figures in my own self-development and knowledge so that today I can help you overcome literally any challenge that you experience in life.

I encourage you to claim those personal and professional goals you desire, and I will help you achieve them by showing you how to grow quickly and smoothly into your new reality, so that you can embrace your full potential, personal power, freedom, and authenticity!


• Are you experiencing a lack of clarity?
• Are you starting things and never finishing them?
• Are you tired of experiencing the same old negative patterns over and over again?
• Have you tried all the self-help stuff and nothing has worked?
• Do you feel that you are meant for “more” and you want to leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of?
• Are you afraid to promote your business and put yourself out there?
• Are you afraid to sell your products for the price you know they are worth?
• Do you make plans and end up not showing up because you talked yourself out of things?
• Have you experienced failed relationships and heartbreaks?
• Do you feel burned out and overwhelmed?
• And I could tell you about hundreds and hundreds more of these patterns.


I know beyond a doubt, this will be the most important decision you will make for yourself!

There is a genius inside each and every one of us, but that genius is buried under a myriad of programs and shadows of past generations.

These deep soul and unconscious sabotaging patterns oppose this genius and they make life an unnecessary struggle for many of us.

While these invisible unconscious patterns are far outside of conscious awareness, they still silently create heartbreaks, disappointments, business and relationship failures, health issues, and financial difficulty.

Without the deep subconscious transformational change work, effortless abundance, freedom, and impact will be virtually impossible to achieve!

With this in mind, I designed my VIP Private Coaching packages to help you identify and overcome these damaging patterns and put you on the fast track to happiness and success.

My VIP Private Coaching is based on advanced spiritual psychology and quantum psychology principles, many leading-edge subconscious techniques incorporating the Laws of the Universe, which are inescapable.

The VIP package is fully customized to YOUR needs.


• I will conduct a thorough interview to see where you are today and where you would like to be after your breakthrough sessions.
• I will design a custom solution for you.
• Each time we talk and I consult you, you will have an undeniable revelation and transformation, getting you closer to your goals and desires.
• In between sessions, you will have exercises and homework to do.
• You will have email access to me where you can ask questions.
• You will have my personal contact for emergencies only!


• Show up fully committed for each session.
• Be honest.
• Be resourceful and want to expand, learn and grow.
• Be coachable and teachable. (Have humility even if you are going through a tough time!)
• Participate fully.
• Communicate openly.
• Dedicate time each week for this transformational process.
• Do your homework.
• Follow through with your exercises and your commitments.
• Love and appreciate yourself for you decided to take this life-changing step.
• Follow through with your exercises and your commitments.
• Love and appreciate yourself for you decided to take this life-changing step.




If you wish to speak with Uli, please indicate that in the notes section on the scheduling page!


I got a lot more than what I paid for!

I hired Rob as a personal and business coach to help me in a pivotal time in my life before I started my online business. I had irrational fears and waves of anxiety that stopped me and took away my focus and my momentum.

Through the breakthrough process I got a lot more than what I paid for. I gained clarity and started trusting my intuition and as an unexpected but really pleasant surprise, my relationship with my wife improved as well. I started showing my love and affections towards her more openly.

As a result I stopped scrutinizing and criticizing her and gave her more love, genuine compliments and in turn I received more love and compliments from her.

I was also able to leave my high paying job and start my own business with more focus, clarity and courage to make my dreams come true.


Zoltan F., Boston, MA

Robert is incredible!

Robert is incredible! Through his skills, experience, and intuition he is able to bring about these huge, significant changes in your life through incredibly subtle techniques.

In other words, you don’t even know he is “working” on you when he is – he uses subtle language patterns and kinetics and the next thing you know you’re having these incredible revelations and breakthroughs.

The other side of the coin is when Robert is directly teaching you powerful techniques to reprogram your mind, eliminate limiting beliefs, or evaluate the roots of certain behaviors and thoughts.

Bottom line: Robert will help you change your life for the better.

Thank you Robert. I am forever grateful.

Birk F., San Diego, CA

His intuitiveness and how he always seems to know exactly what to say to shift my perception!

I've known Robert Szentes for quite some time. When I first met him I was struck with his kindness and solid boundaries. We did some leadership training together and during that time I was able to observe that he already had a deep understanding of the mind and what it takes to heal it.

As a peer, I'm always thrilled and impressed when I attend one of his workshops. His way of making complex subjects easily digested and able to be integrated is totally unique to him. (I've seen a lot of people that teach similar subjects.

Robert really has his own way with the content, as well as innovating for even deeper healings of emotion and mind.) He has a lightheartedness that makes any seminar that he teaches FUN!

As a client, I've appreciated his intuitiveness and how he always seems to know exactly what to say to shift my perception and help me move from disempowering behaviors to empowering ones. Again, in that realm, I see his kindness and solid boundaries.

Robert Szentes is truly a one of a kind, teacher, mentor, healer, coach, author, and facilitator. Seeing him create first his book and then the Advanced Mind Institute was exciting because I know so many more people will be living more fulfilling, healthier, and happier lives because of him.

I have nothing but amazing things to say!

I’ve been working with Robert from Advanced Mind Institute for about a year now and I have nothing but amazing things to say about his work and him as a person.

Robert has a tremendous gift and ability to really understand how the mind works and how we can use specific tools to influence the mind positively and achieve lasting results.

If you’re considering working with Robert, I would highly recommend investing in any package/seminar/product he offers.

The dividends you will receive in return will last a lifetime.

Matt T., Montreal, Canada

Now, for the 1st time in several years, I am both physically and psychologically healthy!

I met Robert during a dark point in my life. I was suffering from chronic injury affected my ability to provide for my family with no way out that I could see.

I learned from him that the injury was just as much psychological as it was physical.

This was the revelation I needed to heal and stay healthy. Over the next several weeks, I learned many psychological and emotional healing techniques to break through a lot of the bad programming in my subconscious mind and let go of my anxiety and fears that created the chaos in my life.

Now, for the 1st time in several years, I am both physically and psychologically healthy. I have successfully returned to work and have learned the tools to nourish both mind and body.

Joel F., Chandler, AZ

His teachings are not just for the very moment, but they last forever!

What Robert offers is unique because it is so much more than just therapy or counseling. His art is very comprehensive and affects your whole life positively.

You will also learn how to deal with areas of your life such as finances, business, personal relationship and your health. Robert helps you identify what is stopping you from reaching your potential.

Whether that is happiness, love or wealth and then helps you remove the barriers, so those no longer stop you. No more anxiety!

Another unique aspect I found after working with Robert is that since he taught me tools that could be used whenever I find myself in a quandary, so I can become the owner of my own destiny. How empowering is that?!

His teachings are not just for the very moment, but they last forever!

Diane C., Mesa, AZ

Thank you so much for turning my life from a negative to a positive!

My name is Lynda. My past was filled with suicide attempts and crazy people in my life with little room for hope or elevation.

The first time I met Robert I felt a glimmer of relief because he asked about me and my difficulties and showed interest in actually helping me with my anxiety and schizophrenia (that’s what the doctors called it).

After I started to work with Robert, I began to see drastic changes in myself and the way I think.

Since he started working with me and providing me with the tools to handle my voices, Suicide no longer plays a part in my life anymore.

Because of Robert Szentes and for that and other reasons I hold him dear to my heart. If you get the chance to meet this wonderful man, savor the experience, for he is one of a kind.

Thank you so much for turning my life from a negative to a positive.

Lynda M., Mesa, AZ

Now, I am me again. Strong, free, and loving!

I can now say that I am blessed to have gone through Robert’s Breakthrough process. I was far passed depressed; I wouldn’t value myself, I felt unworthy, undeserving, and unloved. I had the love of my life right next to me and because of the way I felt inside of me I was managing to push not only him away but I was pushing my friends and family as well.

I had already given up on myself and was ready to kill myself. I felt I was incapable of doing anything and I thank God that Robert was there coaching me the time I wanted to kill myself — if not I would’ve probably struggled more or would not be right now thanking him.

Now, I am me again. Strong, free, and loving. It felt I got my life back! I now believe in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I realized that each person is a reflection of how they see the world and that the only things that matter is how I live my life. I enjoy the moment because the past is history just a picture in our imagination the future is yet to come and all we can do is enjoy the now letting go of the unnecessary and moving towards what will make YOU happy.

I have overcome a lot of my fears that I thought I would live my whole life with like my fear of heights, the darkness, and my phobia I use to have when someone would stop the car real close to another that I felt we were going to go into a major car accident. My family now feels like a family my sisters and I get along which no one ever saw before.

Robert has not only helped me let go of things that were holding me back such as all the anger, resentment, sadness, guilt but he has given me powerful tools that allow me to take action of anything that comes my way to continue on this beautiful journey called Life.

Overall I thank you Robert for having a great heart, changing lives, for providing people a chance to overcome their fears, limitations and anything that is holding them back whether it’s from doing what they love, finding true love or getting over a major trauma, so they can live life to the fullest — how it’s supposed to be. You are truly Great and Awesome! I couldn’t thank you enough!

Hope you keep having a fabulous life and see you around!

Berenice C., Anaheim, CA

The exhaustion and the feeling of Burnout disappeared!

Before beginning Therapy with Rob I felt very depressed, sad and I felt really alone. I was so down and depressed and anxious that I wasn’t able to sleep at night.

During the day I felt completely drained, exhausted and I had no drive to do anything.

With every therapy session my will and joy for life increased and the exhaustion and the feeling of Burnout disappeared.

My fatigue was replaced with the love for life. I feel so much more self-assured and confident and on top of that I was able to find a new direction for my life.

I am thanking Rob from the bottom of my heart for his guidance and support.

I want to recommend doing this work with Rob to anyone else suffering from the same issues I once did.

Lars H., Germany

Oh yea, I’m in love, but don’t tell anyone!

So, here I go… I don’t even know where to start… One thing I know; I am a completely different person today… I thought my life was OK, I was living life – like everybody else – up and down, sometimes happy, sometimes not, sometimes overstressed, dealing with my every day’s tasks as a single mother… not really easy (I thought), working 8 hours a day, and being recently divorced.

My life was kinda hell; my stepson died at age 18, then I lost my father due to cancer. I had a very difficult marriage with a mentally abusive husband for 8 years, and I decided to leave him.

Anyway, I met with Rob and started to talk about life and stuff. He seemed so balanced and happy; his positive attitude and energy was just amazing. I wanted to know about his perception of life. After our initial interview, I realized I had so many negative, stupid thoughts I was projecting to my future, and it looked like I was never gonna have the life I wanted. I signed up with Robert to work on my anxiety and negative thinking and at this point my life began to change!

Not even 3 months from the start, it seemed my life is just perfect! I know, it sounds unbelievable, right? I started changing… changing my attitude toward life, people, situations etc. I had so many limiting beliefs; I would have never gotten out of it if Rob doesn’t help me. My first experience was unbelievable; I was shocked for a week (in a good way). I had a lot of issues, like trust, love, thinking that people don’t love me for who I am, I had fears, and my anger issues… boy, don’t even ask.. not to mention the phobias from spiders and high buildings.

Now here I am; first I accepted myself the way I am, I love myself, and I know if I want something I will reach it. No more anger issues – I can’t even believe I had those (driving and screaming like a mad woman because of traffic? Wow, that’s embarrassing, isn’t it?)

Here, you want to read my favorite quote? “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” –Emerson-

So yea, you can do anything! Your mind is so powerful, you have no idea! Of course, everybody has bad days and good days, and in case I have a bad day, I can switch it to good just with my positive thinking which I learned from Rob!

Oh, one more thing: at my work I just got promoted, and finally I have a second special person in my life (the first is my daughter), who seems the guy I would live my life with. Oh yea, I’m in love, but don’t tell anyone.

Szil G., San Diego, CA

I am speechless, excited and beyond grateful!

A year ago, I was physically and emotionally at the end. I was 21 then. I had spent the last few years in clinics and hospitals and I had no strength, energy and time left to even consider my career, not to mention a relationship.

I was so sick at times that I could not walk; my legs would give in and I collapsed many times. I was so exhausted at times that I stuttered and could not speak clearly.

I was in the middle of my college degree and also had a job which I could not do anymore. The treatments, the clinics, the therapists could not help me and I was at a point where I just wanted to throw everything away and resign from life.

My whole life was a big conflict and I was not able to handle things and life anymore. What frustrated me even more was that all the tests I had done at the clinics came back negative and they said that I was in perfect physical health. Then why could I not enjoy my life and be happy?

I think my biggest blessing was that I did not give up! I had faith that there was someone out there who could help me. I was referred to Rob by another coach who didn’t know how to help me any further because I seemed like a hopeless case altogether.

When I first met Rob, I was completely burned out from all of the daily struggles. But thank God I started the coaching program with Rob because after each coaching session I felt better, less scared, and my world slowly went from chaos to peace; exactly how I wanted to feel at the first place.

A few weeks later, I did not feel sick anymore and I was able to go back to school and back to my job.

When I am writing this, five months later, I am more clear minded and calmer than ever. I am doing awesome!

I am happy and determined to succeed. I have also grown above myself on a personal and career level, and my leadership at my company noticed my change and my personal growth.

I was offered a position in upper leadership just recently. I am speechless, excited and beyond grateful!

My health is stable now and I feel more vital and vibrant than ever. I love my life and I can now trust in my future and I am looking forward to it with a big smile and a huge gratitude.

Thank you Rob for everything you have done for me!

Katarina S., Germany

I was able to break free!

Before working with Robert at the Advanced Mind Institute, I was tortured with thoughts that I was worthless and it would be much easier on everyone if I faded away.

Everyday tasks, even survival tasks, seemed so incredibly difficult. I was a shadow of my former self at my job, in other words, my performance once at an incredibly high standard, plummeted to levels I couldn’t even recognize as my own anymore.

It was only 8 sessions later with this visionary master of the subconscious mind that I was able to break free of every single dimly lit corner of my psyche, and realize that I was the only one holding me back. My mindset went from that of a victim to that of a valuable human being who wants to make a huge impact on the world.

Since that time, I’ve come back to Robert for not only coaching, but I came to feel that I wanted to bring this amazing work to others!

Now I’m making a move to immigrate to another country and live life with my focus, drive and love for life as my highest values.

Thank you Robert!

Zach H., San Diego, CA

You guys have the power to make miracles come true!

Dear Ulrike, Dear Rob,

During a time of illness (invasive breast cancer) you guys helped me find my way to healing. All of the therapy / coaching appointments I had with you were absolutely amazing for me and filled me with healing power.

I am now able to continue my way in life forward, and I also feel your motivating energy and care, and I feel that you guys are there for me. I thank you for that!

You guys have the power to make miracles come true.

Thank you!!!

Dr. Mechthild Echterhoff , Germany

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