VIP Private coaching

We all need help and guidance at one point or another!  

My VIP High-Profile Coaching package is a deep transformational process that I have developed to help entrepreneurs, senior leaders, emerging leaders, and influencers break through the unconscious patterns sabotaging their business and personal life.

If this is you, read on.

I am not kidding; these unconscious patterns are running the show and ruining your life!  

I can tell you from my own experience, this is why I had failed relationships, experienced regular self-sabotage in my finances and business, and why I had a stroke at the age of 42, even though I was physically fit and seemingly did all the right things. 

I am talking about thousands of deep and hidden subconscious programs that are highly active in the invisible abyss, and profoundly and adversely influence your manifestation and your way of life.  

Even though you might think many of the things you are doing are on track, there are many unconscious patterns behind your actions that could lead to burnout and get you stuck eventually.

I have been there, and I know how painful and confusing it can be!  

That is why I have devoted the last ten years of my life to studying, researching, and putting this knowledge together. I have invested multiple 6 figures in my own self-development and knowledge so that today I can help you overcome literally any challenge that you experience in life.  

I encourage you to claim those personal and professional goals you deserve, and I will help you achieve them by showing you how to grow quickly and smoothly into your new reality so that you can embrace your full potential, personal power, freedom, and authenticity!

Let me ask you:  

• Are you experiencing a lack of clarity?
• Are you starting things and never finishing them?
• Are you tired of experiencing the same old negative patterns over and over again?
• Have you tried all the self-help stuff and nothing has worked?
• Do you feel that you are meant for “more” and you want to leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of?
• Are you afraid to promote your business and put yourself out there?
• Are you afraid to sell your products for the price you know they are worth?
• Do you make plans and end up not showing up because you talked yourself out of things?
• Have you experienced failed relationships and heartbreaks?
• Do you feel burned out and overwhelmed?
• And I could tell you about hundreds and hundreds more of these patterns.

Do yourself a favor and decide to make an end to these destructive cycles!

I know beyond a doubt, this will be the most important decision you will make for yourself!  

There is a genius inside each and every one of us, but that genius is buried under a myriad of programs and shadows of past generations.

These deep soul and unconscious sabotaging patterns oppose this genius and they make life an unnecessary struggle for many of us.

While these invisible unconscious patterns are far outside of conscious awareness, they still silently create heartbreaks, disappointments, business and relationship failures, health issues, and financial difficulty.

Without the deep subconscious transformational change work, effortless abundance, freedom, and impact will be virtually impossible to achieve!

With this in mind, I designed my VIP High-Profile Coaching packages to help you identify and overcome these damaging patterns and put you on the fast track to happiness and success.

My VIP High-Profile Coaching is based on advanced spiritual psychology and quantum psychology principles, many leading-edge subconscious techniques incorporating the Laws of the Universe, which are inescapable.

The VIP package is fully customized to YOUR needs.

Here is a brief description of the process:

• I will conduct a thorough interview to see where you are today and where you would like to be after your breakthrough sessions.
• I will design a custom solution for you.
• Each time we talk and I consult you, you will have an undeniable revelation and transformation, getting you closer to your goals and desires.
• In between sessions, you will have exercises and homework to do.
• You will have email access to me where you can ask questions.
• You will have my personal contact for emergencies only!

What you need to do:

• Show up fully committed for each session.
• Be honest.
• Be resourceful and want to expand, learn and grow.
• Be coachable and teachable. (Have humility even if you are going through a tough time!)
• Participate fully.
• Dedicate time each week for this transformational process.
• Do your homework.
• Follow through with your exercises and your commitments.
• Love and appreciate yourself for you decided to take this life-changing step.
• Follow through with your exercises and your commitments.
• Love and appreciate yourself for you decided to take this life-changing step.

Here is your opportunity to consult with us for FREE. Apply for a 45-minute Blueprint Session.

Go really deep within yourself and fill out the form. We will contact you by phone.

In this session, we will explore where you are today and how we can help you get on the right path to success!

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