We Are Committed to Teaching You the Ultimate Secrets of the Human Mind, So You Can Become The Best Trained & Highly Paid Coach in the Industry.

In this program, my partners Uli and Jesse and I guide you through the steps of a deep, personal transformation in order to become The Best Trained Coach and Entrepreneur in the Industry.

Why did I create this program?

For most of my life, I was struggling with emotional pain, anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression and IBS.

One day, I am 13 years old at this time, I am trying to find a way to talk to my mom about how I am feeling. I told her that I think I have inherited my dad’s depression and I need help. She brushes me off, saying she doesn’t believe in ALL that. And I have to suck it up!  

So, I create a story that it is useless to express my emotions and it’s safer to keep things to myself. I know I have to be very independent in my situation to survive and basically take care of myself.

I decided to overwrite my negative emotions and I created this jokester identity…. always laughing and seemingly cheerful. But I was just running away from my pain. And at the same time, finding endless ways to prove that I am valuable, worthy and good enough. 

So, I became this little achiever….doing triathlons, working really hard in my career as a software / electrical engineer, making multiple six figures at a young age. 

At the same time I am still looking for help to relieve my pain. I tried psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, hospitals, medication, acupuncture, meditation, chiropractors, exercise, diet change, but nothing worked.

Fast forward to the age of 32, my wife was divorcing me, dragging my sweet 4-year-old daughter with her across the USA. I became even more depressed and suicidal. With that came my first bankruptcy and the loss of my home.

The same misery repeated itself, ten years later. One morning, I finally collapsed with a stroke and this event finally prompted me to get serious about finding lasting solutions. 

I found an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapists who told me that the solutions for my recovery are within myself. I started feeling much better, really fast from these sessions, and from then on, I was relentless to find the answers to my recovery and also to help other people overcome their subconscious blocks. I invested a fortune and studied from many masters from around the world.

I am now 52. I am feeling better than ever. I have more energy than ever. I don’t get sick anymore. I am living a purposeful life and I am finally in a happy and fulfilling relationship. My life is abundant in every way!

I am the Bestselling author of the book called: “The Mastering of Your Mind”. I am a trained speaker and a thought leader.

I have been teaching live and online seminars for ten years, sharing unique and precise techniques and findings of what worked for me and for thousands of other people around the globe. Everything I teach, I have tried on myself and I know it works fast and works every time.

There are many other programs and teachings out there, which can lead you to a certain level of self-discovery, but if you’re ready to get down to the bottom of things to help yourself and your future clients transform their health, money or relationship problems in a revolutionary way with a fool proof system that works every time…guaranteed, then this is for you.

I have developed a very comprehensive, leading-edge system that solves even the most challenging problems. With my method, I have helped people who were in absolutely hopeless situations return to a fully functional and a highly satisfying life.

It is my mission to educate people worldwide who want to become certified self-development coaches and successful entrepreneurs, so that they can experience their own breakthroughs; live their lives to their full potential while learning to help others get the best results possible.

Because I know there is a lot to learn and I understand it can be overwhelming to learn new skills and to set up a business at the same time, my business partners and I also included in this program, how to set up your business or coaching practice correctly from the get-go.  

In our courses we also teach you a money and wealth breakthrough that will knock your socks off. Once you finished the program and applied the material, you will be able to charge what you’re REALLY worth and make an even bigger impact in the world.

Who is This Program For? 

This is for people who want to make a difference in the world; for people who are tired of sitting on the sidelines of life; for people who are ready to take action and change their lives NOW! This program is for conscious influencers and leaders who seek to empower others all for the betterment of humanity.

Starting a new career and business can be exciting and at the same time can be intimidating. BUT, the greatest success stories ALWAYS start with a first step.

If you are the kind of person who wants to live up to your full potential and use your talents and passion to change the lives of others, then it will be even more rewarding to say YES to your YES!

You want to take the first step despite of fear or that little voice in the back of your head coming up with excuses why it wouldn’t work out for you!

Every single person has a story of overcoming some challenges and has unique gifts to share with other people!

Every single person has stories of overcoming challenges and because of that every person has unique gifts to share with other people!

And when you do that, life will SUPPORT YOU to live your dreams

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Detailed Program Description.
We Are Committed to the Highest Standards of Excellence!

Our Leading-Edge, Spiritual Psychology Based Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis course is one of a kind. This is a 9-week online program with 16 weekly live coaching calls and world-class support. 

The weekly coaching calls are designed to give you the support you need as well as the opportunity to get clarification about the course material, to get your personal challenges solved professionally by us, and to get your client's situation assessed and solved if you are working with someone.

Once you enroll, you will have immediate access to the Program Material and you can start on your transformational journey right away. You don't need to worry about the program "going away". 

You will have lifelong access to your program and you will also be able to continuously find practical and real-life applications in the dynamic library, which we keep adding to whenever possible.

You will finish the program by learning several of our unique Breakthrough Formulas: 

• General Personal Breakthrough.

• Relationship Breakthrough.

• Business and Money Breakthrough.

• Personal Health Breakthrough.

These formulas are revolutionary and bring powerful results. You will not find anyone else in the industry who teaches these.

They work every time, no matter how difficult the problems appear to be. 

You will be Certified as a Master Self-Development Coach!

What you can use the teachings of this program for after successful completion:

• Health Coaching.

• Relationship Coaching.

• Business Coaching.

• General Life Coaching. 

• Stress Management.

• Sales Coaching.

• Corporate Coaching.

• Advanced Mindset Coaching.

• Accountability Coaching. 

• Coaching for Youth and Children. 

• Coaching for Parents. 

• Coaching Pregnant Women.

• Helping People Overcome Addictions, Gambling...

...and the list goes on. 

Student Program Outline (Every Week You Have a Coaching Call Available to You)

Week 1 – The Foundation for Success 

Best Practices - How to Succeed in this Course
- How to make best use of this program and become an Expert Coach, Leader and Mentor.
- How to accelerate your success.

Evidence Procedure - Technique
- How to set up your goals and train your clients’ mind to focus on the results and achieve success faster.
- How to bypass the EGO’s need to wait and procrastinate.
- How to interview others, so they feel inspired and can achieve results faster.

Blueprint of the Mind - (Conscious Mind vs. Unconscious Mind) - (Characteristics of the Unconscious Mind)
- The Unconscious Mind holds the answers to health, wealth and abundance.
- How to discover people's current unconscious map of reality.
- What are the responsibilities and the fundamental functions of the unconscious mind.
- What the mind is REALLY communicating and why so many people are stuck today.

Law of Attraction - The Conscious Use of Language, Being “At Cause” vs. “In the Effect” of Life
- Why the Law of Attraction is so confusing for most people.
- What is really going on below the surface that so few people know about.
- How to shift your attitude so you can start building an exceptional life.
- How to get out of Victim Consciousness into Empowerment.

The Untold TRUTH About Life
- We are designed to be healthy, wealthy and successful.
- The collective unconscious thinking patterns are creating problems and failures outside of awareness.
- The majority of people have thousands of non-beneficial beliefs, thousands of internal conflicts and thinking patterns that keep them small, keep them in pain, in anxiety, carrying broken hearts.
- They do not see and understand what is happening to them, since the problems are in the unconscious.
- What are the 4 most important steps that you need to know about in order to leave undesired patterns behind and build a good and fulfilling life.

Basic Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis
- Real and lasting change can only happen when we change at the unconscious level.
- Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of tools that you MUST know if you want to achieve lasting change and sustainable success.
- Where does Hypnosis come from and how you can use it to gently train your mind and become the character and the person you really want to be.
- What are the common misconceptions about NLP and Hypnosis and why those misperceptions will keep people stuck and create self-sabotage?

The 14 Laws of Success
- What are the necessary beliefs a successful person, a coach or mentor needs?
- How to create powerful change and incredible results in your and people's lives?
- What are certain “laws” you need to know to move towards success?
- How to make these laws become a part of you and help people achieve the same?
- How to relate to the world and other people so you can grow and evolve with ease?
- How to be in charge of your mind, and your results?
- How to to be empowered?
- What is The Law of Flexibility?
- How to design procedures and change techniques while increasing options and choices?
- How to practice viewing the world from these new perspectives and how you can easily solve “problems” for yourself and for others?

Week 2 – Reading and Shifting Your Clients’ Limiting Emotions  

Rapport and Sensory Acuity - Representational Systems
- How to observe and understand people and yourself at a deeper level.
- How to see what’s REALLY going on.
- How to build rapport with others and why it is very important in sales, in relationships and in all areas of life.
- What are the most common mistakes people make in relationships and sales that cost them a fortune?
- Discover how YOU process the world and how that could be very different from other people’s way.
- How to understand people’s and your clients’ way of thinking better and how to adjust your language and your words, so they get what you are saying without miscommunication.  

How to Give Constructive Feedback
- Feedback is vital for your growth and your success. - You will learn a simple 3-step formula how to provide feedback and offer an opinion to customers, clients and other people that they can accept without feeling insulted and taking things personally.  

- Anchoring is the one of the fastest ways to change emotions.
- You will be able to change negative emotions to positive ones on demand; save time and achieve success faster.
- You will learn about the different types of anchors; which one to use in a given situation to create better moods and attitudes and feel excited about life.
- You will learn practical examples, how you can use this technique to better relationship(s), to eliminate worries and fear and how to install the feelings necessary to be able to go for what you want.

Chaining Anchors - Technique
- We cannot go from total lack of motivation to full motivation. We cannot go from strong negative emotions to total excitement and success in one step. There are interim steps needed in order to achieve good results.
- In this lesson, you will learn a process that will help you bridge a large gap between your current situation and your big goal.
- When you use this technique, you will be able to create movement and start taking inspired action towards your desires.  

The Swish Pattern - Technique
- Have you ever caught yourself doing the same things over and over again?
- Have you found that you might have some seemingly minor habits that are not helping you?
- Have you interrupted people while they were talking?
- Have you done things that irritated other people?
- In this lesson, you will learn a new technique that will allow you to leave your non-beneficial habits behind, so you can put your time and energy to things that benefit you.

SubModalities - Technique
- In this lesson, you will learn a really cool way to see a mental image and change its qualities, so you no longer feel resentment or disappointment toward a person or an event.
- Here, you will learn 20 different ways, how you can use these qualities in your speech, in your business, so you can shift beliefs, emotions and create desirable results extremely fast without being invasive or pushy.

Mapping Across - Technique
- This lesson will teach you a very cool, combination techniques that you should definitely know if you want to remove fears and negative emotions quickly.
- When you learn this technique, you will be able to identify and remove several layers of fear from moving forward.
- You will be able to increase your inner desire to achieve goals and success.

Practical Applications
- We created a specific lesson to show you ideas how to use this technique in real life.
- How to remove strong negative emotions about ex partners, teachers, family members... etc. you are holding a grudge against. Change negative emotions to neutral.
- How to change fears into excitement.
- How to change insecurities to confidence.
- How to change doubts to beneficial beliefs.
- How to change a stuck state to movement.
- How to change your priorities.
- How to change negative self-talk into confident and encouraging talk / speech.
- How to change your negative (scary, concerning, fearful) thoughts.
- How to change your negative attitude about an upcoming event.
- How to program your mind for inevitable success!
- How to become confident, charismatic, cool, kind, smart, etc...character traits of your choice. - …and more…

Week 3 – How to Become an Efficient Detective and Shift Destructive Beliefs

Fast Phobia Model - Technique
- You will learn a technique called the NLP Fast Phobia Model.
- This technique is a great combination technique to eliminate phobias, irrational fears, panic attacks and even parts of past traumas.
- At the end of the lesson, you will also be guided through an exercise, so you can see how it’s done and you will feel the change.
- You will be able to use the same technique on others and see fast change.

Voice Intonation and Embedded Commands
- In this lesson, you will learn how to change your tonality to convey your message more clearly and more concisely.
- You will learn some amazing truths and see how the unconscious mind interprets tonality.
- Because, it’s “Not what you say, but….How you say it!”
- Why you need to know this and why this is very important in hypnosis scripts and meditation scripts.

How to Listen and Formulate Your Speech, and Elicit Change Effectively
- In this lesson, you will learn what linguistic techniques you need to know if you want to be an effective and a great speaker and leader.
- This knowledge will help you increase the level of success in your relationships, in your communication and also in your negotiations that lead to greater accomplishments and more money.

The Ideal Self Exercise - The Physiology of Excellence Technique
- In this lesson, we will guide you through a hypnotic exercise that prepares your unconscious mind to accept excellence, success as a NATURAL part of you, so you can start being who you want to be.
- You can use this technique on your clients as you wish.

Framing and Reframing
- If you want to be an effective communicator and save a lot of time and frustration, you need to know how to frame your conversations properly.
- In this lesson, you will learn how to frame your speeches, your calls, so you come from a place of authority and clarity.
- Without this knowledge people waste 90 percent of their time and effort and not know why they do not succeed.

Understanding the Logical Hierarchy of Ideas + Technique
- You will learn how to help your clients overcome lifelong challenges, even if nothing else worked before.
- You will learn how to quickly get clarity about a situation and how to change a stuck state to a success state, fast.

Solve Real Life Problems with the Techniques You Have Learned So Far
- In this lesson, we share our ten + years of coaching experience with you and talk about how all the knowledge and techniques you learned so far can be applied to change lives and achieve success fast.


Week 4 – Hypnosis and How to Gently Work with Your Reality

The Conscious Use of Language
- In this lesson, you will learn how to pay attention to certain words and expressions you use and watch your clients react much more favorably.
- You will be able to practice a new way of speaking, a new way of thinking and communicating, which will accelerate your results and makes you stand out as an expert coach.

Pattern Interrupt - Technique
- Most things in our lives are patterns / cycles which repeat.
- Good & &ad habits, relationship, financial and health consequences and results are all created by these patterns.
- You will learn how to stop the non-beneficial patterns from “running the show” and how you can reclaim your power over them.
- You will learn why such “pattern interrupts” are necessary if you want to leave those old patterns behind and create a good life.

Trance Phenomenon - Positive & Negative Hallucinations
- What is trance and where is it used?
- You will learn how to create the trance state necessary in order to access the unconscious mind and program it for success.
- You will learn about how your mind deletes information, which you can use to deepen trance and help your client achieve a deeper relaxation.
- You will also learn how the mind creates images and how these images can be used to help your clients achieve the results they want.

Words Commonly Used in Mediation and Hypnosis
- In this lesson, you will learn words you MUST know if you want to write strong and powerful meditation or hypnosis scripts.
- You will get a precise list of words and will be able to put them in your scripts, so the unconscious mind is able to hear it and execute it to provide the right results.
- We will show you how to start your hypnosis session and how you need to set the intentions for optimal results.

What is Hypnosis? - What Are the Misperceptions About Hypnosis?
- In this lesson, we will talk about what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.
- For centuries, people have been thinking that hypnosis was something they should fear where in fact, they were hypnotizing themselves to create those fears around the technique that they needed most for healing.
- You will learn about the correct definition of hypnosis and how you can use it to program your unconscious mind for success.

Secondary Gains - Secondary Gain Examples
- Believe it or not, behind every problem there is an ulterior motive in the unconscious mind.
- In other words, you will learn why some people secretly don’t want to change and these secondary gains are the culprits.
- In this lesson you will learn about how to find these hidden ulterior motives and liberate your client from unconscious imprisonment of their own conflicts, so they can move forward and leave their problems behind.

Strong Negative Reactions (Abreactions) - What Happens if the Client Ends up in a Traumatic Situation - Shifting Abreactions
- Every single person carries thousands of micro and major traumas.
- These traumas are ancient, unresolved stories from the past. Sometimes during a hypnosis session, a person mind might end up in one of these ancient stories.
- In this lesson, we will teach you a few simple techniques you can do to quickly eliminate strong negative reactions….called: abreactions.
- We help you see the structure of your new meditation or hypnosis script and how it ALL fits together with the right words, with the right sequence following a unique logic.

Affirmations - Technique
- In this lesson, we will teach you when and where and how to use affirmations.
- We will teach you why they do not work for most people.
- You will learn another technique that helps you install these affirmations at a deep, unconscious level.

Hypnotic Scripts
- We will share with you several very powerful hypnotic induction scripts, that helps achieve deep, theta level trance and relaxation in just a few minutes.
- We will show you a hypnotic script, that helps overcome procrastination.
- We will also explain the psychology of procrastination and how you can see beyond a problem and start finding the root cause of it.
- A hypnosis script example you can use to help overcome low self-esteem.
- You will learn about a technique you should use at the end of each meditation or hypnosis session.
- You will learn what expression and words you can use to make the biggest impact.
- Robert makes some recommendation of material and skills and attitudes that you can embrace to become an amazing hypnotist and be able to help yourself and thousands of people.

What is Wealth?
- In this lesson, you will learn what wealth is and how to find some of your limiting beliefs and resistances toward it.
- We will guide you through an exercise that helps you figure out what your beliefs are and how you can change those today to raise your vibrations.

Being of Service ->>Deserving
- What you don’t have today is because, you are not able to receive it.
- What is the most common form of self-sabotage most people have, but do not know the real reason of it?
- You will learn a new concept that will turn your world around and make you a magnet to success.


Week 5 – Regression Techniques and How to Heal Lifelong Wounds  

Negative Emotions
- We will teach you a new view about negative emotions, what they are and why you must handle them correctly.
- You will learn how negative emotions build up over time and create health, relationship and financial problems for people.

The Accumulation Effect - Why you MUST find the Root Cause
- In this lesson, we will teach you a new approach that will show you what the majority of people are doing wrong with meditations, other therapy models and even with affirmations.
- You will learn why you must address the root cause of issues and how so many people are focusing on ALL the wrong things today.

Limiting Decision and Limiting Beliefs
- In this lesson, you will learn the best kept secrets and very important details about limiting beliefs that hardly anybody in the world knows about.
- While many people heard of limiting beliefs, they do not know the thousands of subtle details about them and why such beliefs create negative results in people's lives.
- You will learn how you can overcome even the most complex issues and liberate yourself and others to their dreams and become a rock star!

Limiting Belief SYSTEMS
- Robert Szentes will talk about limiting belief “SYSTEMS” that are present in most people’s unconscious mind outside of their awareness.
- Robert will tell you what these clusters are and how they show up in our lives.
- He will point out very important details about how limiting beliefs form groups and "clusters".
- Not knowing about these clusters is why most people never get the complete healing or results they are looking for.
- With this knowledge you will have the information, the knowledge and the transformation to be on the leading-edge.

Cognitive Dissonance
- We will touch on a psychological concept, which is an unconscious reaction in every single one of us called cognitive dissonance.
- You will learn how you can move past subconscious resistance and rejection to new and beneficial information and be able to accept it and stop self-sabotage.

The Re-Decision Process - Guided Re-Decisions Exercise - Technique
- In this lesson, we will teach you a new technique that takes only a couple minutes and has the power to create instant positive change in your life.
- We will guide you though the exercise, so you can experience it and then practice it will you become very good at it.
- You will be able to use and apply this technique and change their lives in just one session.

What are Regression Techniques, and Why Do Most People Fail with Them?
- Robert who is a master regressionist and a master trainer of past life regression will share a regression technique with you.
- He will teach you what regression should be like and what it should not be like.
- Most people regress themselves daily to past event and memories but they are making fatal mistakes every time they do it, since they are not trained properly.
- You will learn how to overcome past obstacles and shift past negative emotions and limiting beliefs correctly.
- You will get a script that you can use to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
- You will be guided through an exercise and experience the transformation.
- You will also learn a couple other leading-edge combination regression techniques that will work on any problem, every time.
- Regression by itself has loopholes. Robert will teach you where the loopholes are and how to conquer them and become an amazing expert.

Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness
- We will cover the topics of forgiveness and self-forgiveness in a way that you have not heard before. - You will learn why so many people are not successful forgiving, even if they think they already forgave and did all the right things.
- You will learn that there is SO MUCH MORE!!!
- We will guide you through a forgiveness exercise and you can use this technique to go a deeper level and find the REAL things that need to be forgiven.
- You will learn about the two most important principles we are all motivated by and how most people miss these entirely.

Setting Goals
- You will learn the steps to setting goals successfully and what else you need to know about goals that most people overlook entirely.

Week 6 – Secrets to True Well-being and Success (Shadows, Parts and the Hidden Underworld) 

Significant Emotional Events and their Consequences
- You will learn how significant emotional events have created “splits” in the unconscious mind and what leads to conflicts, phobias, irrational fears and even multiple personality disorder.
- You will learn about internal conflicts and how to resolve them and integrate them.
- You will learn several new techniques and practical examples, so you achieve great results in a short time!

The NLP Allergy Model - Technique
- We will teach you a technique that is originally was designed to help eliminate allergies.
- We will also teach you how this combination technique can be used to handle deep, irrational fears, help eliminate trauma and can even be used to create a stronger self-esteem.

How to Heal Childhood Abuse, Military Trauma and PTSD
- We will teach you the unconscious layers that are created in moments of trauma and what you need to really know and focus on.
- Most trauma “expert” miss 60-70 percent of the real issues and what is why their clients are only partially healed and cannot enjoy life fully.
- You will learn about the missing details and the deep, real problems.

Unconscious Shadows - Technique
- We will teach you one of the most important subconscious pieces of information you need to know as a person.
- Our shadows show up carrying the limiting decisions we made in the past and they act out parts of us that we are not aware of consciously.
- Our deep, unintegrated shadows and shadow stories are the reasons for relationship, health and financial issues.
- We will show specific lists that create repeating relationship, health and financial problems for people, even if they try to follow different strategies…which will not work in the long run.
- We will teach you another integration technique, so you can raise your vibration and manifest the results you want.
- We will give you many real-life examples, so you will have the practical knowledge as well as the principles.


Week 7 – How to Help Your Clients with Trauma and PTSD (The Secrets That Nobody Knows About)  

The Compulsion Blowout Pattern - Technique
- We will teach you another technique you can use for incredibly large fears and how to start helping with PTSD and trauma, fast.
- This is one of many techniques you need to know of when you are dealing with significant emotional events and traumatic events.

Language and Motivation Directions
- You will learn to hear what people are REALLY saying.
- Each word and expression show us whether we have unresolved stuff behind it or if we are truly feeling positive about things.
- Where there is “stuff” behind our statements and our feelings, the manifestation will reflect that and we will not get what we are asking for.
- We will show you how to find what is really happening and how to change things for the better.

Values and Your Reticular Activating System - Technique
- You will learn why people say one thing, but do something different.
- You will learn why people have such strong negative emotions about family, job and other responsibilities and what you can do to eliminate the conflicts.
- We will teach you how to re-align your unconscious world, so you can become focused and productive and successful.

Childhood Trauma and Abuse - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
- You will learn how to overcome childhood issues, abuse and traumatic events.
- We will teach you what techniques you need to use in order for the real problem to be resolved permanently.
- You will learn about the different unconscious perceptions that take place in moments of trauma and how the mind documents such events.
- We will teach you some of the most uncommon trauma secrets that nobody knows about.
- You will be able to understand even the deep cases and free yourself / others from pain in a record short time!

Anxiety -> Discovering the Causes of Anxiety
- We will teach you what anxiety really is and how to uncover the real stories and reasons for having anxiety.
- You will learn how to address the underlying problems and overcome old cycles of fears and concerns once and for all.
- We will teach you a technique that is designed to help remove anxiety quickly, so you can feel good and achieve the goals then wanted.

Common Self-Esteem Issues
- We will teach you what the most common self-esteem issues are.
- You will learn how to identify these and step away from old and destructive cycles.
- You will be able to become magnetic, irresistible and successful when you know these secrets.


Week 8 – Subconscious Strategies for Success and How to Use the Expert Coach System to Solve Any Problem

Abandonment ->> A Silent Trauma That Creates Massive Self-Sabotage
- You will learn about another dominant problem that holds hundreds of millions of people hostage.
- Feelings abandonment and outdated stories are consuming most people.
- You will learn how to correct these ancient patterns permanently and recover to productivity in a short amount of time.
- We will teach the many layers that are running in the unconscious and what specific steps you need to take in order to feel free from these deep and self-destructive cycles.

- If you want to achieve any level of success, you need to follow a certain recipe.
- You need to know how to create and then follow a step by step formula so you can duplicate success.
- You will learn how to find out how to elicit strategies and people's way of thinking.
- Side note: new strategies do not work until we have a changed their mindset. Ad old mindset will revert back to old strategies.

Ancestry and Past Life Healing - Technique
- Since many of our patterns come from our ancestors and even from our cultures, we teach you a technique that can help reverse generational issues, whether it is about relationship, health or wealth.

The Secret Recipe for Relationship Success
- We teach you why 90 percent of relationships around the world are not happy and what they are missing.
- You will have new awareness about relationships and how to address the specific stages in them, so the couple can grow instead of self-destruct.
- You will learn leading-edge information you can help thousands of clients with.

Week 9 – The Breakthrough Week  

In Week 9, you will learn how to massively break through. We have developed 4 revolutionary breakthrough formulas that get immediate results like no others.

These are proven processes that got me out of burnout, out of pain and led me back into happiness and abundance.

I have also used these formulas to help countless clients from around the world to get the same results.

I included these formulas in this program for free. The outcomes are priceless!!!

1) The Ultimate Mindset Breakthrough Formula.

2) The Abundance Breakthrough – The Core Principles of Wealth and Money.

3) The Relationship and Success Breakthrough Formula.

4) The Health and Wellness Breakthrough Formula.

5) You will learn the 5 Keys to Building a 6 or 7 Figure Coaching Business.

Going through these major Breakthroughs is the key to living a life of true freedom, health, wealth and happiness and once you do you can be the high in demand Expert Coach that is needed in the world!


Who this is for:

Anyone who wants more out of life NOW.
Anyone who is committed to thrive NOW.
Anyone who is sick and tired of wasting time and life.
Anyone who is realizes that stepping into their purpose is not just a want, but an obligation to fulfill their promise.
Anyone who is resourceful to make it happen.
Anyone who wants a successful business and entrepreneurship.

If you’re tired of living the same year over and over again and you’re ready to get new and revolutionary results, then we are making the time to show you how it’s done.

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