The NLP / Hypnosis Mastery Course is the continuation of our Fundamentals Course.

A Fun and Experiential - Hands-on Approach with Homework

Certifies you as an NLP Master Practitioner

In this course we will teach you the Secrets to Conflict Resolution. We will share one of the most powerful tools and give you that "unfair advantage” leading to congruence and charisma.

You will learn how to overcome strong negative emotions and be able to stay strong and centered even in the face of adversity.

You will learn how to eliminate allergies in just a few minutes. The same technique can also be used to boost your confidence and have the respect from others you deserve.

We will teach you how Create Healthy Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love.

You will also learn one of the most important techniques about how to reprogram your Reticular Activating System. (Your Heat Seeking Missile that pulls the experiences to you silently.)

You will understand Human Values and understand what motivates people to buy, to say yes, to agree…and more.

You will learn several techniques to train your mind to get out of life what you really want -- and put wellbeing and success on autopilot.

We will teach you how to slow down your mind and examine your rushed strategies and panic decisions -- tweak them so you can get the results you want.

You will learn about the human decision-making process. (A MUST KNOW topic in sales, relationships and human interactions.)

Have you ever admired someone and wanted to be like them? We will show you how to program yourself to pick up the good traits, so you can follow their success path, habits and mindset.

We will teach you techniques to get rid of anxiety in different situations…

You will learn how to eliminate one-time guilt.

How to have a person be able love again and how to overcome Self-Esteem challenges permanently.

We will teach you how to overcome unconscious abandonment issues. Did you know that unhealed abandonment issues are ticking time bombs, ruining relationships and business success and eventually health?

You will learn dozens of layers and intricacies and learn how to resolve them …permanently.

You will learn how to improve your sales and negotiations using NLP.

At the end:

Financial, Business and Money Breakthroughs
$25,000 VALUE!!!

You will learn a sequence of techniques and approaches that is only known by a few very successful entrepreneurs.

These Ultimate Breakthrough Formulas will show you how to claim your freedom and step into sustainable success and a Life of Your Choice!

There will be lots of demos and exciting extra material during these courses!

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